Podcast Episode 2…convo with Bryan McGrath

By Chris Servello

In our Navy Birthday edition of the Bullit Points Podcast, we talk with Managing Director of The FerryBridge Group LLC, retired naval officer and well known navalist Bryan McGrath (@conswahoo). Bryan makes the case for strong American seapower as a central component of the United States national security strategy.

Additionally, he discusses his concern that the American public doesn’t understand the value of seapower and the necessity for a strong Navy. Bryan suggests several ways to increase  and improve the Department of the Navy’s communication effort…seeing that success as central to growing a 350-ship Navy.

Key Quotes:

I came away from my six month speaking tour somewhat disheartened at the level of understanding in those rooms about anything other than a sort of a superficial patriotic appreciation for the Navy. The wasn’t much of an understanding how the Navy protects and sustains our economy.

“I come away from it thinking Navy leadership has a relentlessly and continuously educating the american public about seapower.”

“My pitch was that the security and prosperity of the United States of America was disproportionately reliant on strong American Seapower.”

“At the SECNAV and CNO level a relentless advocacy has to be the minimum standard that we demand of these decision makers.”

“The communication function in the department of the Navy could deal with a lot more rigor.”

It is the Department of the Navy’s job to create that case for why those additional ships are required…and why the Navy’s role is different than the Air Force and the Army because of the degree to which naval forces regulate a peacetime environment.”

Podcast Episode 1…Convo w/ Chris Cavas

img_0187by Chris Servello

In this Episode of Bull-It Points, we talk to Chris Cavas  (@cavasships) about the intersection of naval operations and communication.

As a lead off, Chris discusses the crowded and a times degraded 24-hour news and info-tainment cycle…the decline of official comment…and then gives advice to senior leaders and professional communicators on how best to succeed in today’s environment.

“The pressure of the relentless, endless newscycle is wearing…there’s a lot of media doing great work right now, they’re also under great pressure to keep doing great work.”

“We have a generation of leaders now, just about everywhere you look,…that don’t live in a world of frankness, honesty and explanation. They are in a world of don’t say anything.”

In segment two we discuss the need and likelihood the United States will grow the Navy…the threat driving the need for growth…and the importance of selling that that threat if there is any chance to achieve the needed growth.

“I don’t believe we will ever get to a 355-ship Navy, certainly not in my lifetime…and I doubt in your lifetime. It just takes too long to build things and they are too expensive.”

“We are facing a range of threats that we have never ever faced before. And all of these things are on the rise…all of these things are aggressive and they are not friendly.”

Thanks for listening!