Podcast Episode 1…Convo w/ Chris Cavas

img_0187by Chris Servello

In this Episode of Bull-It Points, we talk to Chris Cavas  (@cavasships) about the intersection of naval operations and communication.

As a lead off, Chris discusses the crowded and a times degraded 24-hour news and info-tainment cycle…the decline of official comment…and then gives advice to senior leaders and professional communicators on how best to succeed in today’s environment.

“The pressure of the relentless, endless newscycle is wearing…there’s a lot of media doing great work right now, they’re also under great pressure to keep doing great work.”

“We have a generation of leaders now, just about everywhere you look,…that don’t live in a world of frankness, honesty and explanation. They are in a world of don’t say anything.”

In segment two we discuss the need and likelihood the United States will grow the Navy…the threat driving the need for growth…and the importance of selling that that threat if there is any chance to achieve the needed growth.

“I don’t believe we will ever get to a 355-ship Navy, certainly not in my lifetime…and I doubt in your lifetime. It just takes too long to build things and they are too expensive.”

“We are facing a range of threats that we have never ever faced before. And all of these things are on the rise…all of these things are aggressive and they are not friendly.”

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2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 1…Convo w/ Chris Cavas

  1. Hate to sound like one of those old retired Navy PAO types but I’m gonna! Things sure have changed since the days I worked in the Pentagon. We did backgrounders ALL THE TIME for journalists. It’s a shame the communications environment has changed so much.

    • Most communicators and senior leaders I worked with understand the value of working on and off the record…on background or deeper. For reasons you can imagine, the willingness to be forward leaning or provocative has dried up. The logical desire for message alignment and coordination has somehow lead to fear.
      I was surprised how time much Chris spent on that particular issue…but it really is a concern among journalist…especially the better, more serious ones. Thx for the feedback.

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